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Westover, one of the grandest and most beautiful of the colonial plantations, was built in the mid-eighteenth century by the Byrd family. Long considered a premier example of Georgian architecture in America, the house’s special charm lies in its elegant yet extremely simple form and perfect proportions. Of special interest are the steepness of the roof, the tall chimneys in pairs at both ends of the main house, and the elaborate doorway, which continues to be recognized as "the Westover doorway" despite its adaptation to many other buildings and homes. Shaded by 150-year old tulip poplar trees, Westover’s lawn offers a commanding view of the James River and majestic eagles soaring overhead.  

Westover is a site on numerous trails, including Civil War trails, John Smith Adventures on the James trails, and the Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail.  Visitors can walk the expansive grounds, admire the beautiful formal gardens, and explore old outbuildings, which may be toured daily. House tours may be scheduled by appointment by calling 804-829-2882 or emailing [email protected]. The main house is open for tours during Westover Church’s Autumn Pilgrimage and Sunday - Tuesday during Historic Garden Week.

A National Historic Landmark located in Charles City County, and on the Register of Historic Places of Virginia, Westover invites visitors to slow down and step back in time. Come visit! Our grounds and gardens are open daily, 10am - 5pm, and interior house tours can be scheduled by appointment. Click the Book Now button above or call 804-829-2882 or email [email protected].

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The Westover doorway is one of the most recognized architectural elements in the United States.